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WordPress test 3 post

Let’s start with establishing the obvious. If you have a website I’m assuming you have a business, and if you have a business I’m assuming you want to sell something!

That something could be a number of different things, it could be a product, a service, your time or even your knowledge.

Let’s also establish that 4 letter word that so many people find so offensive, SALE.

It’s a word we don’t like because we don’t ever want to be “Salesy”, or “Pushy”, or cliche “A used car salesman”. Once we approach our product with a value over money mentality we can start to approach our website with a logical perspective.

When we know the value in our product, we no longer have to “sell it”. We believe in it and with that comes a much more natural sale that we’re comfortable with and the consumer is too. 

Your website is really no different to an in person sale. Even if your website is not directly selling as an e-commerce or online store would, your website is always promoting you, your company, your product in a way that navigates your potential consumer to the ultimate sale, booking, membership, etc.

For everyone of us there is a mental sales process we go through when making a purchase. Some of this is conscious, such as budget and some is through our subconscious, which is often triggered by excitement. More often than not the budget will go out the window when we get excited about a purchase.

However excitement can get diluted with systems that are frustrating, confusing and slow, which is when we revert to our conscious cautious self.

So now we have established that your website should be an important part of your sales force and we’ve established you have a product/service that you fully believe in, all we have to do is take your potential client through a seamless, comfortable process. We need to create awareness, interest, decision, action! 

Awareness- Within seconds of clicking on your site a potential customer has made a quick subconscious evaluation of what your site is saying.

Be clear in the awareness you want to create and what you want to say through your website.

Interest- If a potential customer is visiting your website they already have the interest. It is your website’s job to harness that interest in the right direction with clear information and solid navigation systems.

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